AI Has Revolutionized Banking

Our forte might be in the artificial, but our results are real. If you have a problem that you’d like us to solve, talk to us. Or let our curated descriptions of actual case studies inspire you.

Tested and Trusted

Our solutions have been applied to the largest banks worldwide


Retail to Corporate, we’ve cut both costs and turnaround times

Loan Applications

Gone are the days (and weeks) of waiting for an application approval

Settlement Instructions

Extracted and processed, regardless of format

Legal Documentation

Spend less time sifting through boring clauses, and more time doing productive work

What We’ve Achieved

We’ve listened and solved pain-points faced by businesses

Cost Reduction

Outsourcing work?
That’s a thing of the past.

Processing Speed

We’ve eliminated the need for manual data entry

Enabling Business Expansion

More resources for revenue generation

Stories From The Industry

The banking industry is rich in problems that AI can solve.

Corporate Account Onboarding Automation


  • The client, one of the largest banks in Latin America, receives hundreds of thousands of applications each year for opening new corporate accounts.
  • For each new customer, the bank would manually examine over 10 different types of physical and digital documents, including highly complex legal paperwork.
  • Onboarding officers would then identify and enter information manually to core internal systems. In total, processing each application would take multiple days.


  • TAIGER created a solution embedded with highly specialized, domain-specific intelligence to automate the information extraction and validation for all relevant documents
  • This allows the bank to minimize human intervention and reduce operational delays



Reduction in total processing time


Accuracy with an average processing time of less than two minutes per application


Reduction in costs while increasing onboarding volume


Solution Highlights

  • Automated information extraction and validation for over 10 document types
  • Our highly specialized, domain-specific AI allows extraction accuracy of over 80%
  • Achieved massive reduction in costs and processing time, as human intervention is reduced

Supported Document Types

  • Power of attorney
  • Articles of association
  • Invoice
  • Balance sheet
  • Board resolution
  • Payslips
  • Passport
  • ID cards (INE, IFE)
  • Tax ID
  • Bills

Find out more from our Case Studies

The banking industry is rich in problems that can be solved with AI. Read our Case Studies booklet for insights into some that we’ve worked on.