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Our forte might be in the artificial, but our results are real. If you have a problem that you’d like us to solve, talk to us. Or let our curated descriptions of actual case studies inspire you.

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Cut the Red Tape

Greatly reduce administrative work through a wholly digitised experience 

Customer Care

Collect feedback and address concerns, round-the-clock

Human Resource Management

Extract, review and analyze employee information

Enterprise Semantic Search

Sift through disorganised data, regardless of location

What We’ve Achieved

We’ve listened and solved pain-points faced by government officers like yourselves

Deflection Rate

FAQs? Simple transactions? Deflected.

Processing Speed

Reduce time-consuming data entry work

Cost Reduction

Transformed processes. Huge efficiency gains.

Stories From The Industry

Government agencies  have numerous problems that AI can solve.

24/7 Customer Service Officer


  • The client, a leading government agency, serves about 80% of Singapore’s population,
  • Their officers handle a high volume of calls from users on a daily basis.
  • The calls were often left unanswered due to the limited number of dedicated staff, leaving them unable to satisfactorily answer all their customers.


  • TAIGER deployed a 24/7 Virtual Customer Service Officer solution which uses meaning and context to understand and respond to customers.
  • Customers could easily enquire about a wide variety of issues including application status, seasonal parking rates, or even mortgage loan eligibility, all in natural language.


  • 80% Call Deflection Rate


Solution Highlights

  • Always-on virtual assistant with instant response, low cost and consistent replies to a wide variety of enquiries.
  • Our virtual assistant understands based on meaning not keywords, easily answering a wide variety of issues.
  • Massive reduction in costs and processing time, as human intervention is reduced.

Find out more from our Case Studies

Government agencies  have numerous problems that can be solved with AI. Read our Case Studies booklet for insights into some that we’ve worked on.