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Stories From The Industry

The insurance industry is rich in problems that AI can solve.



  • The client, one of the largest insurance providers in Europe, needed a way to transform its claims management and reimbursement processes.
  • A team of specialists would manually process documents to approve or reject claims.
  • A single claim would take 7 days on average to reimburse.


  • TAIGER deployed its solution suite in which a virtual assistant would guide customers to arrive at the correct policy and help submit documents, accepting uploads even from phone cameras.
  • The solution would extract and upload the relevant information into the claims handling system, which would provide a response and status to the claim in seconds.


  • 95% reduction in total reimbursement time
  • 95% accuracy level in system performance
  • 75% reduction in total costs


Solution Highlights

  • One stop  virtual assistant that advises policy choice and accepts document submission
  • Fully automated information extraction and recognition that processes uploaded data, providing answers to enquiries
  • Achieved massive reduction in costs and processing time, as human intervention is reduced

Types of Documents Supported

  • Claims Application Form
  • Medical Bill
  • Doctor’s Letter

Find out more from our Case Studies

The insurance industry is rich in problems that can be solved with AI. Read our Case Studies booklet for insights into some that we’ve worked on.